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The Importance of Every Door Direct Mail Postcard Printing

An interesting fact is that Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) program is a mail marketing system that is offered by the United States Postal Services. It is undeniably true that Under this program, the Postal Service delivers printed postcards to every address along selected routes at a discounted rate. This service requires a very particular postcard size that follows the EDDM guidelines in formatting the mail piece, coming up with the mail list, preparing the mailing list and finally delivering it to the post office. It is incredible to highlight that the service leverages the power of direct mail. It is undoubtedly true that businesses can chose to customize their post cards to meet this criterion, or they can outsource to other business that will ensure that the cards meet the guidelines stipulated.

It is fascinating to note that the following businesses or professionals can utilize the Every Door Direct Mail program: doctors, restaurant, lawyers, retail stores, dentists, dry cleaners, churches, museums, moving or storage companies, gyms, auto repair shops, amusement parks and car washes.

There are many benefits associated with the Every Door Direct Mail program. It is important to note that one of the benefits is postage savings in that Every Door Direct Mail marketing saves business about three cents per postcard. This can be enormous saving when mailing to thousands of customers. The other aspect of cost is that Every Door Direct Mail postcards offer a bigger space to communicate more information at a cheaper cost.
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It is fascinating to note that before the introduction of Every Door Direct Mail was introduced, businesses had to research the locations where their potential customers lived. It is fascinating to note that this process consumed money and time but now EDDM solved this issue and allowed companies to focus on their core business and only handle the printing and marketing of content. It also saves the company money and time that would have been spent in this marketing campaign. The program can be used to effectively to boost sales and increase the customer base.
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It is a known fact that having Every Door Direct Mail has saved a lot of money for businesses, but businesses also need to invest in the design of the postcards to create engaging content to their clients. The marketing system also enables companies to target specific customer segments thus make marketing more efficient. It is incredible to highlight that the program does not, however, take the place of persistence that is needed for a very efficient marketing program.

It is worth acknowledging that every Door Direct Mail has revolutionized marketing and brought a new touch to outdated marketing methods like postcards.

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