Want a Spring Tour? Let’s See the Beautiful Blooming Flowers in the Following 5 Countries!

When winter is over, spring begins. In this season, the leaves on the trees and grass are starting to turn green. The flowers were blooming beautifully. This beauty is the reason for many people to travel to countries that experience spring. In the Northern Hemisphere, spring occurs from March to May. While in the Southern Hemisphere, this season lasts from September to November. If you are interested in enjoying the beauty of spring abroad, you can visit the following five subtropical countries.


During spring, Shinjuku Gyoen National Park in Tokyo becomes a target destination for tourists. The reason is, this park is one of the best locations to enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms that bloom in spring, from mid-March to April to be exact. For your information, Shinjuku Gyoen National Park is recorded to have around 2,000 trees in bloom. As many as 1,500 of them are cherry trees which present three different colors when in bloom, namely pink, white and yellow.

South Korea

Not only pop culture, South Korea is also famous as a country with beautiful spring. When this season arrives, one of the big leisure areas in Seoul, Yeouido Island, will be flooded with tourists, both domestic and international. They line the area’s six-kilometer-long Yunjunro Street to witness the spring festival against a backdrop of more than 1,000 cherry trees in bloom. As night approaches, the festival atmosphere gets livelier with the colorful lights that light up the cherry trees. In addition, visitors will also be presented with art performances in an open area.

The Netherlands

Located in western Europe, the Land of Windmills is also famous for its spring beauty. Every year, the Netherlands holds the Keukenhof Festival which is a magnet for tourists. At this festival, visitors will be presented with more than 30 types of flowers, such as tulips, roses, orchids and lilies. (Also read: Going to a Concert in Jakarta, Here are 5 New Justin Bieber Songs to Express Love to Your Partner) The festival is usually held in early spring.


Did you know that the tulip flower which is the icon of the Netherlands actually comes from Turkey? Although known as a plant originating from the Netherlands, tulips grew first in Turkey. The name “tulip” also comes from the Turkish word, namely “turban”. This name is inspired by the shape of a tulip which resembles a turban or a typical Turkish head cover. One of the best locations to see tulips in spring is Emirgan Park, Istanbul.


Located in the southern hemisphere, Australia often holds the biggest flower festival in the Southern Hemisphere, Canberra, from September to November. In these months, the tulips in Canberra are blooming in various colors. Therefore, don’t forget to document it while riding the Ferris wheel. From this position, visitors can get a beautiful view to capture.

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