June 8, 2022

Is there a difference between a tourist and a traveler? Who are the tourists? The travelers? There are clear generational divides in how people are staying in vacation rentals. So, how do you appeal to a diverse range of guests? 

Then there are the constant shifts of industry travel trends to consider. So, that may leave you wondering, what do guests want?

Be careful who you brand as a tourist. Guests who just want to go on vacation and see all the sights, won’t mind it, but it may be received negatively by those in the younger generations who are clued up on sustainability and value experiences over the materialistic. They’re travelers now. 

Travelers are more likely to trip stack, exploring as many cultures as they can, they’ll eat like a local, and will be set on discovering secret spots. So, how can you help travelers achieve

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Planned trips

In the past travelers have preferred to ‘see what happens when they get there as a bid to explore cultures in a more authentic way, this year we’re likely to see the opposite. Those taking long-awaited or postponed trips may turn to packages that plan everything for them in order to get the best out of their vacation. 

Almost two-thirds of millennials would pay for someone else to plan their trip/excursions. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste, add value to your accommodation with discounts to local attractions and attract guests looking for help planning their trip. When property managers join the Xplorie program, you can offer free passes to activities at no extra cost to your guests. 

Peaceful travel

Whilst urban destinations are set to recover fully by the end of next year, some travelers are still choosing rural locations and continue to favor quiet, relaxing

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Tourism has moved on, and suppliers need to meet the new demands of guests, who now often identify themselves as travelers. Guests seek new experiences. As shown by Tripadvisor’s report, 73% of Americans think it’s important to have new experiences, as well as to visit new places, meet new people, and try new foods.

Two-thirds placed high importance on learning the culture and history of the destination, which may be the reason for global interest in guided cultural activities increasing. 

Help adventurous guests explore a destination by making it easy for them to plan their dream trip with in-room technology. Voice assist devices, such as virtual concierge SmartHost, enable guests to find activities that suit them from the comfort of the vacation rental. 

They’ll have access to local opportunities they may have otherwise missed out on, allowing them to experience the location authentically and create those unforgettable memories.

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5. Share destination knowledge 

Eco-minded guests will want the opportunity to contribute their spending to the local community too. Simplify the process and help them to find nearby restaurants or activities to plan their trip with a voice assistant device. 

SmartHost is a customizable concierge service that brings a personal touch to your accommodations and can answer up to 4 million inquiries. 

6. Add value 

Potential guests can be overwhelmed with the vast array of choice when booking accommodation. Set yourself apart from the competition by adding value to your properties with discounts and free passes to local activities. 

When signed up to the Xplorie program you can incentivize guests to stay with a free pass to an attraction of their choice for every day of their stay, which is hugely attractive to families who can save on activities they would have expected to pay full price for.

7. Give

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3. Memories that don’t break the bank – The cost of living is rising. Potential guests, especially those booking a family vacation, will be looking for ways to make the most out of their vacation without breaking the bank.

Offer guests better value for their money through the Xplorie program and help them create amazing memories for less, by including free passes and discounts to family-friendly activities in the cost of the rental.

4. Memories that don’t break the earth – Guest awareness of sustainability is reshaping travel, and many are now looking for alternative activities and attractions that don’t impact the environment.

Research shows eating and shopping at small businesses, visiting a landmark or heritage site, national parks, museums or cultural events, and outdoor activities are the top activities guests are interested in this year which have a positive impact on the local community.

Guests are swapping environmental impact

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