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International FlightsWhile travelling to a foreign country is usually a fantastic experience, lengthy international flights could be very tiring especially if in case you have nothing to do. Touring is without doubt one of the best perks in life. Nothing beats a vacation which involves worldwide journey. But in fact, we all know how worldwide flights could be too costly and painful on the pocket. Even when they are saying that nowadays every thing comes with a price, we still discover it tough to shell out something simply so we could journey throughout international locations.

Whereas tour buses and taxis may be handy, strolling to the sights you propose to visit is even better, says trainer Skuli Palmason. “You lower your expenses and burn a couple of further energy,” Palmason factors out. “You may get lost, however you’ll see your vacation spot in an entire totally different manner than should you …

MILLENNIAL MONEY: This year’s summer travel FOMO is real | Community

Dalia Ramirez

Views from a tower in Portugal, gondolas in Venice, beaches in the Bahamas — as you scroll through your social media feeds, it seems like everyone you’ve ever met is on a picturesque vacation this summer. Compared to the last two years, 2022 is seeing a steep increase in travel, especially international, and it may feel impossible to keep up.

The number of outbound international US flights increased about 97% year-over-year from April 2021 to April 2022, according to US International Air Travel Statistics. Airbnb data from May 2022 also showed an all-time high in long-term stay bookings, with US travelers gravitating toward Italy, Mexico, Costa Rica and the Bahamas as well as domestic beach destinations.

If you’re not planning to travel this year, hearing about other peoples’ vacations might give you a twinge of FOMO: fear of missing out. But don’t let comparisons pressure you into panic-booking

Ryan Lochte’s Olympic Medal Charity Auctions End, Earns Over $166,000

earlier in July, Ryan Lochte announced that he would be auctioning off six of his twelve Olympic medals, with the proceeds going to the Jorge Nations Foundation. The Jorge Nation Foundation raises funds to send seriously ill children on their dream vacations.

The medals alone brought in a gross total of over $166,000, of which an unspecified percentage will be donated. Combined with the proceeds from Lochte’s additional items (the ring and watch), the items fetched a grand total of over $195,000.

Lochte’s Breitling watch, which was also estimated at $10,000, ended up fetching $16.143. The 14K White Gold Olympic ring, which Lochte purchased following the 2012 Olympics, was estimated at over $8,000, and sold for $12,914.

The six medals were broken up into three auction items. The available packages were Locthe’s 2004 Athens Olympic silver medal, his two bronze medals from the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and two silver and

Off The Beaten Path: Vaca Or Stayca, It’s Time

Time goes by. It’s winter, then summer, then winter again. I know some children, grown older, whose lives were marked by Christmas, then summer vacation, then Christmas, then summer vacation again.

Whatever the season or reason, with pandemic guidelines now relaxed, many individuals, groups, and families have taken, or are planning on taking, vacations, staycations, migrations, isolations, call it whatever you like. It doesn’t cost anything, travel checks (does anyone use them anymore?), frequent flier/honor points, or plastic, to live vicariously through our fellow humans’ experiences and impressions. That’s what this is all about.

Whether your ideal holiday or holistay, as the Brits say, is fishing in Minnesota, cruising down the Panama Canal, dining on Gibraltar, birdwatching on the Galápagos Islands, backpacking in the Pyrenees, or running through the sprinkler in your backyard, everyone needs a break from this journey called life once in awhile. It’s exhilarating and refreshing.


Check out Adam Richman’s ‘Dream Vacation’

Today on Up To Speed, Communications Manager Chris Serico previewed his interviews with two travel icons – former “Man vs. Food” host Adam Richman and “Kellee Set Go!” herself, Kellee Edwards – about their Dream Vacations, which were inspired by the many travel benefits of the Verizon Visa Card. And because fantasies aren’t bound by the space-time continuum, Adam and Kellee let their imaginations run wild for their ultimate 24-hour travel experiences. Check out the full interview with Adam up above.

Verizon Visa Card helps customers earn 4 percent back on gas and groceries; 3 percent at restaurants (including takeout); 2 percent at Verizon; and 1 percent on all other purchases – including hotels. Those rewards can help Verizon customers earn Verizon dollars to pay bills, buy a new phone or cash in for travel and gift cards.

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