12 Tips for Beach Vacation Packages that Must Be Taken

The beach has always been a favorite tourist destination for people. The sound of waves, sunset or sunrise views, white sand, waving coconut trees, seemed to be a missed sight when traveling to the beach. Before you start your vacation to the beach, see our following article about holiday packing tips to the beach. Who knows, tips from us can be useful for you. The following tips from us:

  1. Drinks brought

Instead, you bring drinking water in a refill bottle, because you will be easily exposed to dehydration on the beach, especially when the sun is right above your head. In addition, you can also avoid the high prices of packaged beverages commonly sold around the beach and also to minimize plastic waste on the beach.

To get drinking water that is always cold, fill a bottle with half water ready to drink the night before going to the beach. Then freeze in the refrigerator. Before being taken to the beach, replenish the bottle with water ready to drink. So that always cold drinking water will be available to you. If you want to bring drinks with flavor, you can also use the method above.

  1. Closed container

Bring a closed container made of waterproof and airtight material. This container serves to store your goods while protecting them from water, such as cellphones, glasses, wallets, and cameras. This closed container can be a waterproof bag, which usually has a layer of water-protective plastic inside. This container can protect your things from sand and water which can be splashed while you are on the beach.

  1. Plastic bags with tongs

When carrying this plastic bag, choose the large one. This bag can be used for many things, such as storing wet clothes to wet towels. Even though you can use a plastic bag, the water dripping from the bag will be troublesome when you finish your vacation from the beach. Don’t want your bag to get wet because the water droplets from clothes and wet towels?

  1. Plastic for Protective Gadgets

Nowadays there are many sellers who provide plastic or waterproof repellents for cellphones or pocket cameras. Use this protector so you don’t regret it. Don’t let your cellphone or pocket camera be accidentally plunged into sea water. This item is of course useful for those of you who do not want to miss the moment of vacation to the beach without documentation.

  1. Water Repellent Parachute Bag

When going to the beach, bring a tote bag that is easy to fold and also waterproof. This bag usually uses parachute material to protect your goods from water. With this bag, you can insert a swimsuit, changing clothes, and sandals safely and protected. So that water and sand won’t hit your things.

  1. Small Bags for Moisturizers

Also prepare a small bag to store the sunscreen moisturizer until the lip moisturizer. Bring it in a separate place so you can be facilitated when looking for it. It’s better if the bag is waterproof. For women, this bag can be put in your makeup equipment.

  1. Towels

Towels are important items that you must carry while on vacation to the beach. This item is usually available in large sizes. To outsmart the size when taken to the beach, the way to bring it is by rolling the towel. Then tie the towel with rubber or rope so that it won’t be easily removed when carried.

  1. Snacks

On the beach, some traders often sell food. But, there’s nothing wrong for you to bring your own food. Bring practical food, such as bananas or sandwiches. If you have a cooler box, use it to bring various fruits in cold conditions, or cold drinks. So you can make your own picnic activities on the beach.

  1. Wash Your Hands

Often, most people forget to maintain cleanliness when traveling on the beach. After the limbs are exposed to beach sand, especially the hands, you must wash your hands immediately before eating. If you don’t want to bother looking for a toilet, you can use hand sanitizer. Wet wipes can also be your alternative option for hand washing on the beach.

  1. Bring enough clothing

You don’t need to bring excessive swimwear. You just have to bring three swimsuits that can be combined with the color of the clothes. The clothes that were brought were quite 2 clothes, 1 for the main change clothes, 1 more to spare if the main dressing clothes were dirty. In addition, you can just bring 1 footwear and prioritize sandals. Do not want trouble when traveling on the beach because it brings lots of clothes and items that are less useful?

  1. Clothes with Neutral Colors

Actually, vacationing to the beach is an activity that is synonymous with a relaxed atmosphere and not fixated with a concept, both themes and clothes used. So you are actually free to choose the type of clothing you want to wear. However, you should choose neutral colored clothing, such as white, black, brown, or cream. The reason is, it’s more for your own convenience while on the beach. In addition, often in some places there are some restrictions that you must obey, especially about the color of clothes used.

Also make sure not to bring clothes made of silk or dress that must be ironed. You don’t want to bother ironing clothes before going to the beach? Enjoy your free time when traveling to the beach to the maximum extent possible.

  1. Pack on H-2 Departure

The majority of people have a habit of packing luggage when it’s right on the night before the holidays. Avoid this habit, because you will be in a hurry when putting items in a suitcase or bag. So, you might forget some items that should be taken on vacation to the beach

Deliver your holiday items one day in advance (not the night before), so you can have more free time to think about what items need to be carried.

How are our tips? Have you packed goods for a beach holiday well? Hopefully our tips can be your reference before going to the beach. Have a good vacation!

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