The Secret to Get Discount Airfare

Are you one of those people who always think that those who have a hobby of traveling, let alone using planes, are people who have a lot of money? Well, get rid of this thought from now on, OK? It could be, they know the secret tips to get this discount on plane tickets, you know.

If you are planning to travel in the near future, you can apply the following methods to save more on your vacation budget, and use the rest of your vacation budget for other purposes. Are you ready to find out what the secret is? Check here and learn more !

Check normal flight ticket prices

First, determine your destination. This will let you know which plane ticket you are looking for. Then check the normal flight ticket prices to go to the destination you want. This normal price will be the benchmark price to find the discount on the plane ticket you want. When you find a discount promo for cheap airline tickets, then you will know how cheap the price is.

Diligently open the airline website

You can check the airline’s website often and also the Online Travel Agent website. Who knows when you’re opening it, there will be a discount promo on plane tickets to the destination you want to visit. Moreover, there are now many Online Travel Agent sites that are easy to use, and many of them often provide discount promos.

Find out the promo schedule

Generally, airlines and Online Travel Agents will provide promos in certain months, such as September to November. Or on the airline’s anniversary. Well, at that time, you can use it as a benchmark for cheap promo ticket prices. You can also buy during the promo schedule. What a discount!

Sign up for airline newsletter

Usually, airlines or Online Travel Agents will share the promo via email, before the promo starts. Well, when you sign up for the newsletter, you will definitely be one of the first to know about the promo. Don’t forget to check your email often when you sign up for the newsletter!

Follow airline social media accounts and Online Travel Agents

In this digital era, social media is widely used for business needs. Many companies use social media. That’s why, even on social media, you can find the latest discount promos. Sometimes, airline social media or Online Travel Agents often also hold flash sales on their social media, at prices that are fairly favorable to you.

Redeem frequent flyer points

For those of you who are members of airlines, there is usually a kind of frequent flyer program. You can register for the program, and collect points. The more often you fly with the airline, the more points you will get, and later, you can exchange these points for free flights or other promos. Generally, this frequent flyer program can be owned by only one airline or a combination of airlines.

Buy flight and hotel packages

If you really plan to stay at a hotel, you can buy a flight ticket package as well as a hotel to get a price that is certainly much cheaper. Usually, Online Travel Agents will provide special prices when you book flight and hotel packages like this.

Take advantage of bank promos

Airlines and Online Travel Agents often cooperate with various banks. Now, when you are going to buy a ticket, you should first check on the promo page, who knows which bank you are using in collaboration with the airline or Online Travel Agent, so you can get special prices. Each bank generally has a different promo.

Pay in different currencies

One of the tips that you can do if you travel abroad is to use payments in different currencies. According to a travel expert, paying in the country’s local currency can save you more money, this is because you are not considered a tourist by the system. In addition, if you plan to travel abroad, and need flights between cities there, you should not buy tickets while still in America. Buy while you are there, and use local currency to make it cheaper.

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