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The Most Important Pork Cooking Tips

You have been cooking pork, all sorts of cuts and recipes your entire life; so, it’s safe to say that you already are very confident at it. But are you really a hundred percent sure you’re doing it right every single time? Well, it may be true that cooking pork is quite simple, but there also are rules meant to be followed, provided you want your recipe to be no less than perfect.

Read the tips we compiled below on how to cook the perfect pork.

1 – Always keep it simple as much as possible.

One thing you must understand about pork is that it has one of the best natural flavors out there. But because most people, probably including you tend to overcook, what happens is that the flavor is lost. Therefore, it never is a good idea to complicate your cooking method. What we’re trying to say is that you must avoid using thick sauces, injections, and marinades. The best way to enjoy the pork’s natural flavor is to simply dry rub it.

2 – Don’t forget to use meat thermometer.

You also have to realize that some cuts of pork, in fact, many of them need to be cooked until the internal temperature will reach between 145 ? F and 160? F. This only means that if you want yours to be perfect, careful monitoring with the help of a meat thermometer could spell the difference.

3 – Develop the patience to rest your roast.

It’s a very important tip as well to allow your meat to rest for about ten to fifteen minutes once it’s cooked. This will result to a juicy and more flavorful output. The fact is many who tried doing roast pork for the first time failed because they forgot this one important step.

4 – Quality matters a lot.

It’s true that you can buy pork wherever you go, but the quality of one store to another may differ. An essential requirement of cooking is using quality meat. This means that no matter how sophisticated your cooking technique is, your output will never be that good if the meat isn’t of high quality. The quality of pork meat dictates its quality and taste.

5 – The rule is sear first before you bake.

You likewise must acknowledge that some cuts of pork, like chops for instance, will cook quite easily. While this could be an advantage, it also can backfire because you might tend to overcook. The best approach therefore is to begin your chops on the stovetop with a standard sear before you wrap it up in the oven.

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