Check out Adam Richman’s ‘Dream Vacation’

Today on Up To Speed, Communications Manager Chris Serico previewed his interviews with two travel icons – former “Man vs. Food” host Adam Richman and “Kellee Set Go!” herself, Kellee Edwards – about their Dream Vacations, which were inspired by the many travel benefits of the Verizon Visa Card. And because fantasies aren’t bound by the space-time continuum, Adam and Kellee let their imaginations run wild for their ultimate 24-hour travel experiences. Check out the full interview with Adam up above.

Verizon Visa Card helps customers earn 4 percent back on gas and groceries; 3 percent at restaurants (including takeout); 2 percent at Verizon; and 1 percent on all other purchases – including hotels. Those rewards can help Verizon customers earn Verizon dollars to pay bills, buy a new phone or cash in for travel and gift cards.

Famous for traveling across the country and around the world in search of the best bites, Adam envisioned his fantasy day starting with a breakfast bagel in his home state in New York, then continuing in Hawaii, San Francisco and New Orleans for decadent meals and experiences . He pictured the end of his fantasy day (and the start of the next) in the Big Easy: “I’m going to the arthouses and great little underground shows, and, as the sun comes up over the muddy Mississipp’, have beignets and hang out with friends.”

Did you also catch Kellee’s Dream Vacation episode? If not (or if you want to relive her flights of fancy), check out Verizon Visa Card presents Dream Vacations: Episode 2 with Kellee Edwards.

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