How to Explore Singapore on a Budget

Traveling abroad can be very expensive, but with adequate research and knowledge, it is extremely easy to explore places on a budget. Singapore is one of the most popular tourist attractions and offers world-class shopping experience and delicious delicacies. Instead of burning a hole in your wallet, it is advisable to go local and keep tabs of your budget.  If you are booking Singapore tour packages from Ahmedabad or any other place and have a limited budget to explore this beautiful place, we have got you covered. In this blog, we give you five exclusive tips to explore Singapore on a budget. Let’s take a look.

Get an EZ-Link Card

When booking Singapore packages and exploring the beautiful place, it is best to get an EZ-Link card. Using an EZ-Link card you can travel in local transportation and pay only for the distance you travel. The card is applicable for LRTs and MRTs. Instead of buying a bus or train tickets when traveling to different places when exploring Singapore, issue an EZ-Link card and go around Singapore on a budget!

Try Couchsurfing

Accommodation in Singapore is extremely expensive, especially if you book five-star hotels. Couch surfing is a unique concept wherein you can bunk with other people for free. Although people are concerned sharing a room with strangers, couch-surfing gives you a raw and local experience of living in Singapore. The best part about couch-surfing is that you don’t have to pay a penny to book a room and the accommodation is definitely worth it. Therefore, try couch surfing and save a few bucks when booking Singapore tour packages from Ahmedabad or any other place.

Shop Local

Singapore is known for exquisite shopping experiences. However, if you are on a limited budget, it does not mean you cannot dive into the experience. The local markets of Singapore offer deals that are to die for. A few markets you must visit when booking Singapore tour packages include Bugis Market, Chinatown Street Market, Little Indian Arcade, and So Calum Market. Whether you wish to take a trendy dress for a family member or a souvenir for your loved one, the local street markets have it all. Do a web search, write down a few markets you wish to visit, and, along with the list, make sure you go to the local market near the place you book on your Singapore tour and buy a small souvenir to remember the vacation forever.

Explore Free Tourist Sights

Of course, not all tourist attractions in Singapore are free, but the freebies are definitely a must-visit when booking Singapore tour packages with your family, friends, or loved one. A few places/things to do you must include in your itinerary when booking Singapore tour packages include flying a kite around Marina Bridge, seeing a movie at an open-air movie mob, walk along Macritchie Treetop, and trekking on the Southern Ridges. Save a few bucks by researching about the free tourist sights in Singapore and add them in your “places to visit/things-to-do” list when booking Singapore tour packages.

Consume Tap Water

Contrary to usual belief, the tap water in Singapore is clean, safe to consume, and, obviously, free! Instead of buying a bottle of water every time you get thirsty, buy one bottle and keep refilling it at hotels or taps that are widely-spread on Singapore roads. Consuming tap water instead of buying bottled water saves a lot of bucks when you actually calculate total expenses made on your Singapore tour.

Wrap Up

Singapore is a must-visit gem of South-East Asia, being one of the top choices among people to get away from their monotonous routine. Booking international tour packages in itself can be extremely expensive, therefore it is important to save a few bucks when travelling to an exotic place, such as Singapore. Remember the five tips mentioned in this blog and book Singapore tour packages from a trusted travel agent to enjoy a hassle-free and well-planned vacation. Before parting with your money, remember to go through the terms and conditions and package itinerary.


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