Tourists or Travelers: Learn What Vacation Rental Guests Are Looking For

June 8, 2022

Is there a difference between a tourist and a traveler? Who are the tourists? The travelers? There are clear generational divides in how people are staying in vacation rentals. So, how do you appeal to a diverse range of guests? 

Then there are the constant shifts of industry travel trends to consider. So, that may leave you wondering, what do guests want?

Be careful who you brand as a tourist. Guests who just want to go on vacation and see all the sights, won’t mind it, but it may be received negatively by those in the younger generations who are clued up on sustainability and value experiences over the materialistic. They’re travelers now. 

Travelers are more likely to trip stack, exploring as many cultures as they can, they’ll eat like a local, and will be set on discovering secret spots. So, how can you help travelers achieve the perfect stay, whilst still providing for the vacationer?

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