Top 7 Guest Trends You Need to Know

Planned trips

In the past travelers have preferred to ‘see what happens when they get there as a bid to explore cultures in a more authentic way, this year we’re likely to see the opposite. Those taking long-awaited or postponed trips may turn to packages that plan everything for them in order to get the best out of their vacation. 

Almost two-thirds of millennials would pay for someone else to plan their trip/excursions. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste, add value to your accommodation with discounts to local attractions and attract guests looking for help planning their trip. When property managers join the Xplorie program, you can offer free passes to activities at no extra cost to your guests. 

Peaceful travel

Whilst urban destinations are set to recover fully by the end of next year, some travelers are still choosing rural locations and continue to favor quiet, relaxing places to unwind in nature beyond the enclosed structure of a busy city. 

So, don’t forget about slower-paced activities, such as hiking or a museum tour, for those wanting to destress. 


Like remote working, sustainability will likely be a continuous trend. After all, the only way to achieve true sustainability is to put in long-term efforts. Guests are acutely aware of this global issue, particularly younger generations, and seek ways to travel with less environmental impact.

Meet these expectations by ingraining eco ways of working into your business – for example, partnering with local activity providers or lodging providers and contributing to the surrounding economy while offering sustainable day trips to travelers.

Intrepid experiences 

Pent-up wanderlust will finally be fulfilled as travelers use saved-up dollars to go all out on immersive experiences. Expect to see guests hungry for adventures, especially those from Gen Z

Entice the 80% of US travelers who take part in activities, tours, or attractions when on vacation with included nearby activities, such as biking, skiing, white water rafting, or parasailing. 

There’s only one main message you need to take away to up your bookability this coming summer season: give guests the vacation they are looking for. Whether it’s a slow and quiet, adventurous and wild, or a balanced and productive vacation, use industry trends and technology to show your guests you really know what they want. 


Xplorie is the leading platform in guest acquisition and retention solutions for leisure lodging providers. Since 1996, Xplorie has leveraged local and complementary activities to help lodging providers differentiate their properties, improve guest loyalty and increase top-line revenue. To learn more about how Xplorie enables lodging providers to deliver an unforgettable vacation experience to guests, visit

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