From Culture to Nature: The Top Trends in Travel


Tourism has moved on, and suppliers need to meet the new demands of guests, who now often identify themselves as travelers. Guests seek new experiences. As shown by Tripadvisor’s report, 73% of Americans think it’s important to have new experiences, as well as to visit new places, meet new people, and try new foods.

Two-thirds placed high importance on learning the culture and history of the destination, which may be the reason for global interest in guided cultural activities increasing. 

Help adventurous guests explore a destination by making it easy for them to plan their dream trip with in-room technology. Voice assist devices, such as virtual concierge SmartHost, enable guests to find activities that suit them from the comfort of the vacation rental. 

They’ll have access to local opportunities they may have otherwise missed out on, allowing them to experience the location authentically and create those unforgettable memories. Plus, when signed up to the Xplorie program, you can offer guests a free pass to an attraction for every day of their stay – a perk sure to attract potential guests, especially families, and large groups.


Despite travel levels skyrocketing, some areas have yet to fully return to the old normal. For example, international travel will remain on the back burner this year as many choose domestic trips instead. 

This may be a contributing factor to the predicted return of urban travel this season. According to The New York Times “cities are back” since data from January revealed an 80% increase in bookings for Paris, London, and New York. 

Attractions are hugely popular in cities, especially those with globally known monuments and sight-seeing activities. Use this demand to your advantage and appeal to guests who are seeking more value for their money by adding these opportunities to room packages. 

Key takeaways

  • Guests will be traveling in large groups to reconnect with family and friends. 
  • Nature, culture, and authenticity are top priorities for travelers this spring. 
  • Domestic travel will continue to thrive as city breaks make a triumphant comeback. 

What you can offer beyond the walls of your vacation rental is just as important as what you offer within it. Guest experience is shaped through every element of their trip, from where they sleep at night to how they spend their days.

Trends show travelers seek new experiences, city sights, and time with their loved ones. So, offer them a fully rounded package with dinner recommendations, fantastic day trips, spacious living areas, and in-room tech to help guests create the most memorable vacation.


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