Empowering Guests With In-Room Technology

There are many ways to help your guests achieve a sustainable trip, but research such as the 2022 Global Travel Trend report shows the majority of travelers (81%) want their spending to go back into the local community. 

Appeal to this wider range of guests by showing your own initiatives and actions that support the local economy, and make it easy for them to do the same. A great way to do this is to establish partnerships with local businesses working in tourist attractions. 

The best memories tend to be made when people are happy, fulfilled, and secure. Create the perfect setting for these moments by equipping your guests with everything they need to feel empowered, comfortable, and confident while staying in your vacation rental with the latest and hottest tech innovations on the market.

You can even use SmartHost to offer guests free passes to these attractions when signed up to the Xplorie program, meaning they get greater value from their stay! This means the same tech which allows guests to resolve issues quickly can also help them plan their trip, with pre-loaded recommendations and itineraries.

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