Luxury TravelProsperous vacationers will likely be booking river cruises and villas in Italy this 12 months, in accordance with a new report that goals to paint an image of how the world’s richest travelers shall be spending their holidays – and their cash – in 2015. The fact that there are such a lot of choices in deciding between luxurious villa holidays are one thing that you would have to contemplate as step one in deciding the place you’ll be heading on your vacation. The world may need gotten small with telecommunication and the internet, but that is not to miss the point that there is a lot extra across the globe that you’d find a lifetime insufficient for. Climate you want to unwind within the outrageously attractive holiday city of Ibiza alongside the Mediterranean, soaking in the glowing seashores of the island destination or plan to get misplaced in a …

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May 18, 2022

Have you heard? Vacation rentals are trendy! The demand for this sector is forecast to remain high (+23%) this year. This means the number of property managers and homeowners wanting to join the craze is also on the rise, with an expected 20% increase year on year. So, to appeal to the rush of guests seeking unique travel, add real value to your properties to set you apart from the competition. 

It’s only valuable to add features to your short-term rental if they’re what guests want. Ask yourself, what are guests looking for? What do they value? And most importantly, how can these additions benefit your business?

It’s simple – guests gravitate towards short-term rentals that help them get the most out of their vacation. If you offer guests great value for their money you could benefit from increased occupancy in your properties. So,

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3. In-room technology

The buzzword for guest experience is convenience, and since property tech solutions are aimed at reducing inefficiencies in the guest (and property manager) experience, it’s no surprise 31% of guests want a voice-controlled device in their room. 

Appeal to tech-savvy guests and the millions of people who already use similar tech in their homes by adding a virtual concierge service to your properties. Voice assist technology such as Xplorie’s customizable in-room virtual concierge, SmartHost, can answer up to 4 million pre-loaded questions. This allows you to offer personalized information to your guests instantly. You can tailor the smart tech to each of your properties, for example, to request more towels or to ask how to turn on the TV or hot tub.

Automating guest communication streamlines both their experience and business efficiency, as according to StayFi it can save up to 70% of your time. This

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June 1, 2022

Winning new guests is every property manager’s mission but did you know that it’s much cheaper and way more effective to appeal to those who’ve already booked stays at your properties? Focus your rental occupancy strategy on gaining guest loyalty this summer season and see a boost in future bookings. 

The likelihood of guests returning to a vacation rental hinges directly on their experience and guest satisfaction. And since memories are much more valuable to people than materialistic possession these days – creating the perfect setting and supporting guests to plan their desired trip is the ultimate way to increase return on experience (ROE) guests. 

Below we’ve listed the five best ways to give your guests a five-star experience that keeps them coming back every season and the solutions that can help you achieve this:

5 easy ways to create return guests 

1. Understand their needs


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June 8, 2022

Is there a difference between a tourist and a traveler? Who are the tourists? The travelers? There are clear generational divides in how people are staying in vacation rentals. So, how do you appeal to a diverse range of guests? 

Then there are the constant shifts of industry travel trends to consider. So, that may leave you wondering, what do guests want?

Be careful who you brand as a tourist. Guests who just want to go on vacation and see all the sights, won’t mind it, but it may be received negatively by those in the younger generations who are clued up on sustainability and value experiences over the materialistic. They’re travelers now. 

Travelers are more likely to trip stack, exploring as many cultures as they can, they’ll eat like a local, and will be set on discovering secret spots. So, how can you help travelers achieve

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