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What are Challenge Coins?

People who are serving the country or those who are in military work hard every day and some goes the extra mile just to meet people’s high expectation. There are cases wherein the productivity, act of bravery or efficiency is already enough to be considered as exceptional work and their superiors assure that their efforts will not go unnoticed through verbal expression, a handshake and by using special certification.

On the other hand, these aren’t the only ways in which things are done as some use military coins. These coins significantly increase their morale and carry a special meaning to them. After the soldier has come from their deployment, that is when they will get their challenge coin alongside other possessions like photographs, dog tags, wedding rings etc.

There are different colors, shapes and sizes that these military challenge coins have and they are customized in order to represent a specific situation. Many soldiers actually carry challenge coins wherever they go.

The ways wherein leaders draft their coins are completely different than the others. To give you an example, command sergeant has regular battalion coin that is representing his battalion and personal coin with engraved rank and name on it. When personal coins are shown, it means that they are being expressive of their gratitude from a leader to their soldiers for their hard work and dedication.

But you do not need to be a leader or officer just to give and obtain military coins. Truth is, soldiers can get coins from Post Exchange and award them to fellow soldiers for a specific action or for deeds they make. Generally speaking, the more unique the challenge coin is, the more valuable it becomes. Sometimes, someone in the chain of command who interacts with someone in another regularly may like to recognize contributions of an individual and does it by utilizing challenge coin.

Even though coins represent a serious situation, they are usually part of a more relaxed tradition. These coins are occasionally used to challenge fellow soldiers. To give you an example, when soldiers are all out together and one has a coin, he can throw a challenge to other soldiers to have their coin. Whoever does not produce one need to buy a round of drink or if one gets to present one, the original challenger then has to buy drinks.

In a nutshell, giving soldiers challenge coins significantly boost their morale.

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