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Journey Advisory Awards have the privilege to acknowledge and reward the best companies and establishments throughout the travel trade.

I feel the report falls wanting explaining what precipitated these unexplained deaths, nonetheless what the report does affirm is that they’re likely brought on by toxins launched at The Downtown Inn. Meanwhile the resort has remained open this entire time, so my take on the report is that seven folks misplaced their lives and we predict they had been poisoned, however we actually aren’t going to do anything about it!

Life on board the Endeavor was stress free. Our staterooms were cleaned a minimum of 3 times a day. Nightly briefings and printed schedules ensured that friends were aware of all choices and opportunities. No want to dress at night time; subsequently, no need to pack dressy garments. How fabulous was that!!! Passengers were eager to engage with each other over drinks and meals. We nonetheless correspond with one another.

Kelly Messina is presently a Leisure Gross sales Executive with the LVCVA (Las Vegas Conference & Visitors Authority) dealing with home leisure markets specializing in Luxurious Retail agencies and consortia’s. Prior to joining the LVCVA, Ms. Messina spent 20+ years within the hotel industry, with several hotel companies resembling Hyatt, Harrah’s and Four Seasons. Her most up-to-date place was Senior Journey Trade Sales Manager on the Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas. Her background includes Income Administration in addition to lodge marketing efforts to Retail Agencies, Consortia’s and Tour Operators.

Health authorities, February 2011, advise of a rise in deaths and illness in Jamaica within the last 3 months from ackee fruit poisoning. Ackee is a fruit related to the lychee and longan. It is broadly used in native cuisine. Illness is caused by a substance within the fruit (particularly unripe fruit) called hypoglycin which trigger dangerously low blood glucose and an illness related to stomach pain, diarrhea and sometimes extreme vomiting. There aren’t any experiences of travellers being affected to date but travellers needs to be conscious to report any episodes of severe gastroenteritis or drowsiness. See the personalised Travel Well being Reviews and Fact Sheets for further information.

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