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View one gal’s efforts to determine why Capitol Hill and the Central District got stuck with a lot flight noise, and more importantly, what will be executed about it.

I all the time thought that being an air hostess was a glamour job and travelling to see other parts of the world. I never thought concerning the rigerous traing that you girls (and boys) needed to put in. The fact that at the end of a flight you’d be so whacked that sightseeing would be the very last thing in your minds. So thank you for the insight Peg.

After seeing the July 19, 1943, concern of Life Journal featuring a female Air Drive pilot on the cover, Betty applied to the Women’s Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) program and was accepted. She reported to Avenger Subject in Sweetwater, Texas, in February 1944. On Sept. 8, she acquired her wings and reported for duty at Aloe Area, where she towed targets for aerial gunnery practice, flying a 600-horsepower AT-6. The sisterhood of the WASP remained essential to Betty for the remainder of her life.

is a great web site the place you may lookup aeronautical charts for all the foremost airports in the country. These are detailed maps that present altitude tips, as well as obstructions and different necessary particulars for pilots. On the map for Seattle, it exhibits an obstruction on Capitol Hill at 1092 toes, and but the floor for the acceptable altitude is 1800 ft, leaving a clearance of solely roughly seven hundred ft!! And this is roughly 15 miles from the airport! I’m shocked that following 11th of september anybody would think a seven-hundred foot clearance is appropriate anywhere, let alone in an urban neighborhood.

Penny Carter is the primary class flight attendant and takes great pride in her job. She ensures the best care for her first class passengers even going so far as to throw out a pair who she claims do not belong in first class. Within the final episode she is engaged on a flight the place no first-class passengers are booked. For the primary time in twenty years she is forced to work in financial system class. Pure horror ensues for her as she should serve the lower class.