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Surviving The Desert

It can be unfortunate that people consider deserts to be a hostile location which colludes against human lives. Mainstream media has caused people to believe that a desert is the most violent wilderness. However, history shows us that deserts were once the cradles for human life and people flourished here. The first tip to surviving in the desert is knowing how to be one with its ecosystem. Apparently, you will do better if you’re prepared.

The first step in being prepared is wearing the right clothes. We stand upright, so we only get 60% of the sun’s radiation compared to animals that move on four feet. A wide-brimmed hat shades our body even further. A common error among those who are new to the desert is they wear shirts with no sleeves and shorts. The ideal outfit when going to the dessert is loose pants and long sleeves as these permit air to circulate more and also protects you from the sun’s painful heat. Sunglasses help to shield your eyes and prevent cataracts. Being prepared also means proper vehicle maintenance, enough water supply, survival and first aid kit and knowing some useful survival skills.
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Avoiding Panic
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Panic is the biggest reason why people die during an emergency situation. When a person panics, he can no longer hold reason, which at times may lead to lethal situations. Focus your mind and be more organized to reduce your fears. Accept the situation and do not entertain any “what ifs.” Survey your surroundings and take note of any items you may have like water. When you have thoroughly assessed your options, make a plan of action. Whatever you decide on, stand by it unless an unforeseen situation warrants changes. Your survival heavily depends on how you use your brain. Surviving in the desert, or in any wilderness for that matter, is more on the mental aspect. This means you should keep control of your brain. Your will to stay alive is very helpful. Women can do well like any men on any survival situation.

A survival kit that’s compact enough to be carried is crucial.

What You Need For Survival

Everybody is aware that finding water on the desert is very challenging. It is more significant to know how to lessen your sweat than limiting your water supply. Your chance of getting out alive and well is significantly increased when you stay in the shade and only do things when it is cooler. It is more helpful to have a good drink when necessary rather than taking sips as this doesn’t give you enough hydration.

It may appear like it is illogical but fire is an essential aspect of desert survival. It can be used to cook, purify water and signal for help. You will also be safer with a fire at night as this scares away some dangerous animals.

A shed to shelter you against snow, the cold or rain might be needed.

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