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Passion of the Christ is Worth a Watch

Most critics and distractors didn’t spare the Christian movie, the Passion of the Christ as they criticized it with a lot of words, terming it pornographic and full of arduous torture. This is not the case with the Christian community and other right-minded people.

The whole film was done in the original Aramaic with English subtitles. Such makes the movie enjoyable by itself since it decorates it with emotions that the person watching will not avoid, hence getting more the subject. Since most people have an idea of what the movie is about, they will not get distracted reading the subtitles. Such may even make you more attentive as you watch the images displaying on your screen, and time after time, you will get amplified events.

The Passion of the Christ puts together the four accounts in the New Testament Gospels to develop a vivid and top portrayal of the persecutions that Christ faced till He was crucified. It is important to note that children should not watch the movie at all even if most evangelical Christians advice everybody to. Often in the film, passion is decorated with more violence, making the passion violent. This calls for explanation to 16 years old before they can watch the movie.

On the onset of the film, we meet Jesus Christ (James Caviezel) at the Gethsemane garden praying that His Father the King should take Him through the misfortunes about to face Him. One can see a satanic figure in the shadows casting a lot of doubts and temptations. The figure gives a message that there is no way one can clean out the sins of the whole world, that it is too much and impossible. All these temptations didn’t make Jesus give in, and the disciple Judas arrives to betray him to the many guards.

After he is capture, he is taken to face the high priest while in chains. The leading priests and teachers of the law keep asking him questions which he affirms that he is indeed the Son of God. This led to his mocking, hitting and spitting on him. They lead him to the King, Pilate, to be killed.

Pilate find Jesus innocent but still ordered him to be whipped. Lack of tenderness, total brutally begins here. If you don’t stop the movie at that position, you won’t till he is crucified.

Mel Gibson’s use of flashback is creative and it takes the audience back to the life of Jesus as a kid. overall, the film is rank one of the greatest ever made. The film illustrates and reviews that Jesus is the Biblical Messiah and if you believe that, then you will understand the passion of God.

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